Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sweet 4th of July from the past

We spent a very quiet and peaceful 4th of July this year watching the Vancouver, Washington fireworks display on television.  We usually spend the night wrangling terrified dogs trying to crawl under the covers on the bed.  I tried something different this year!  I turned the t.v. fireworks up loudly and then when the booms were going off outside, the dogs were able to manage their fear.  I had 3 happily, sleeping dogs at my feet!  Not one of them were barking or very nervous when I took them up to bed.  But, two of them waited for me out in the hall before they would go into the bedroom!  Once in bed, more booms went off and I was able to soothe them with some Neil DeGrasse Tyson and The Cosmos.  Horses were a little jumpy, but not too bad.  Had a wonderful night's sleep and woke-up to a gorgeous morning!  Now that is a first on the fourth, for us!! 

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