Thursday, July 2, 2015

 Heat Wave From HELL

Preparing for another blistering, hot day

This heat is like nothing we have ever experienced up on this mountain.  A heat wave here is 80 degrees that lasts for 2 days in a row.  We have had one 3 day heat wave in 10 years that had 100 degrees and tapered to 80's.  The heat never lasted longer than that.  If a 70 degree day shows up in the summer that is a warm day!  Some summers it was cold and wet and we used the fireplace.  So, today, when the temperature at the house got up to 97 degrees (yesterday was a high of 96), and the barn was well over 100 degrees,  the whining and whimpering began.  But not for us, we have a beautifully air-conditioned space, but for our elderly horse Sydney and physically challenged pony, Royal.  This is getting down-right scary.  The heat has been on for weeks now, with no end in sight.  The dry, dusty pasture that we were looking forward to seeding and making lush, is an impossibility with no rain in sight.  For years, we could only dream of this much sun and land without mud.  Now, we are baking like a desert with a tinder box forest surrounding us.  Things are changing so rapidly it is a worry.  Are we going to have hot summers now like everyone else in the west?  This is spooky.

Somehow, we have to get poor Sydney through this misery.  I hope the heat wave will end soon and become a distant memory.  You know if it is hot up here, something is wrong!!

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