Thursday, July 2, 2015

Welcome to our new family member!

This little mini stallion is not only fancy and adorable, but he has a wonderful personality.  He came to us from eastern Oregon and was named 'Merlin'.  His registered name is Vanity Grove Farms First Edition.  He has a very nice pedigree.  But, the prettiest thing about this little boy is sweetness.  He loves to cuddle!  He will lean himself up against your legs and ask for hugs.  What an oxytocin maker!  Instantly, a feeling of peace and happiness overcomes you when in the presence of this miniature horse.  And since we were hoping he might be a good therapy mini, it is looking like he may have what it takes.  Surprisingly, our Icelandic horse, Ynyr, has taken a shine to this little stallion.  Ynyr can be very aggressive and confrontational with other horses, but, something changed when these two were put side by side.  Ynyr has a joy that we did not see before!  You just never know why some folks connect, but these two did- instantly!  

We called Merlin by his name many times, but he didn't seem to respond.  So, we thought we might give him a new name- Fyntan Fire.  Fyntan is an old Celtic name that means 'white fire'.  It suits him very well.  We are so lucky to have this little stallion and will be getting our snuggles daily from a very sweet and magical little mini!

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